Exploring Singapore Changi Airport: A Shopper's Paradise (2023)


Singapore Changi Airport is not just a transit hub; it's a destination in itself. Renowned for its world-class amenities and luxurious offerings, this airport stands out as a shopper's paradise. In this guide, we delve into the shopping extravaganza that Changi Airport offers, highlighting the must-visit duty-free shops and unique stores that make this airport a retail haven.

Duty-Free Delights

1. The Shilla Duty Free

Step into The Shilla Duty Free and immerse yourself in the largest collection of beauty and skincare products across Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. With over 140 international brands, including renowned Western names and cult-favorite Korean and Japanese brands, you can enjoy savings of up to 40%. Conveniently located in every terminal, The Shilla Duty Free ensures you can effortlessly stock up on all your beauty essentials.

2. Beautique by iShopChangi

For a makeover of your makeup bag, head to Beautique by iShopChangi. This store, located in Jewel Changi, is a haven for leading cosmetic and fragrance brands. Offering exclusive products and promotions, Beautique allows both travelers and non-travelers to shop online and either have their purchases delivered or pick them up at Changi Airport, providing ultimate flexibility.

3. Pokémon Center Singapore

Calling all Pokémon enthusiasts! Explore the first Pokémon Center in Asia outside of Japan right here at Changi Airport. Whether you're hunting for rare, strong, or adorable Pokémon merchandise, this store has it all – from plushies and stationery to trading cards and video games. The experience is a treat in itself, resembling the Pokémon Centre in the beloved video game.

4. Eu Yan Sang

Indulge in retail therapy and traditional Chinese medicine at Eu Yan Sang. Founded in 1879, this store is Asia's leading Traditional Chinese Medicine company. Committed to "Caring for Mankind," Eu Yan Sang offers the finest quality Chinese herbs, proprietary medicines, health supplements, and other herbal essentials. Seek guidance from their knowledgeable staff to find remedies tailored to your needs.

5. Lotte Duty Free Wines & Spirits

Cheers to a great vacation with a visit to Lotte Duty Free Wines & Spirits. This go-to store for duty-free booze and tobacco products showcases premium wines and high-end spirits from exclusive labels like Hennessy, Johnny Walker, and Chivas Regal. With a store in every terminal, you can seize the best deals no matter where you are.

6. 1855 The Bottle Shop

Extend your vacation spirit with a visit to the three-time recipient of Singapore Tatler’s Best Wine Retailer award – 1855 The Bottle Shop. Discover over 1,000 premium labels of wines and spirits to take home, or receive personalized recommendations in-store based on your preferences.

7. Bengawan Solo

Immerse yourself in Singaporean culture through your taste buds at Bengawan Solo. Known for traditional Singaporean cakes and kueh, such as Kueh Lapis Sagu and Ondeh Ondeh, this establishment is a perfect spot to pick up souvenirs for yourself or loved ones.

8. Bee Chee Hiang

For a taste of Singapore's renowned barbequed meat, head to Bee Chee Hiang. Established in 1933, they specialize in bakkwa made with natural and premium ingredients. These barbequed meat treats, free from MSG and artificial additives, make for ideal souvenirs from your Singapore shopping spree.

9. Irvin’s Salted Egg

Indulge your taste buds with the globally acclaimed Irvin’s Salted Egg potato chips. Known for their addictive salted egg-flavored snacks, this Singaporean-based snack company offers high-quality, preservative-free options, including fish skin, salmon skin, cassava chips, and instant noodles.

10. Rich & Good Cake Shop

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Rich & Good Cake Shop, founded in 1997. This establishment, run by a mother-daughter duo, offers over 110 flavors of swiss rolls, including the best-selling kaya flavor, along with chiffon cakes, walnut cakes, almond squares, and pistachio cornflakes cookies.


Singapore Changi Airport goes beyond being a transit point; it's a shopping destination that caters to diverse preferences. From duty-free giants like The Shilla Duty Free to unique gems like Pokémon Center Singapore and Irvin’s Salted Egg, the airport ensures a delightful shopping experience. Whether you're seeking beauty products, traditional treats, or exclusive souvenirs, Changi Airport's duty-free offerings make it a must-visit for every traveler with an eye for quality and variety.


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